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Bucky 9-20-2023
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Buckleupallofus Cops & Rodders Rhode Island Motorhead Magazine Photo Opps September Issue. Police Officers Display Buckleupallofus Child Passenger Safety Banner, Handout Coloring Posters & Fridge Magnets. Police Officers & Hot Rodders partner with and show support for Buckleupallofus Award-Winning Child Passenger Safety Campaign Across USA. 🇺🇸


Here is an article coming out from Rhode Island Wave Magazine in the February issue.

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National Child Passenger Safety Week begins Sunday, September, 18th and ends on Saturday, September, 24th, 2022. Saturday, September, 24th

National Child Passenger Safety Week begins Sunday, September, 18th and ends on Saturday, September, 24th, 2022. Saturday, September, 24th, is also National Car Seat Check Up Day. Throughout the week, Buckleupallofus giant balloon will be showcasing and attending classic car and truck shows, cruise nights, community events and car seat check ups with police departments across New England. The goal is to reach out to as many kids and families reminding them about vehicle and passenger safety during a designated child passenger safety focus week recognized nationwide. Police departments across the USA are teaming up during this focus week with children's hospitals and child safety advocates in their cities, towns and communities hoping to reach out to families about vehicle and child passenger safety. The US Department of Transportation, (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), located in Washington, DC., changed the NCPSW month to September recently, instead of the month of February, after years of cancelled events due to inclement weather. The overall weather conditions are much better during the late summer and early fall for outdoor car seat check ups and events. US Department of Transportation and NHTSA have presented me with numerous honors, plaques, certificates of appreciation and awards for my years of creative and tireless dedication regarding ongoing kids and teens traffic safety campaigns and programs utilized by police departments nationwide. I hosted Bucky car seat check ups in the city of Woonsocket for years at Landmark Medical Center with NHTSA Region 1 Directors out of Boston, the RI Governor's Office on Highway Safety, Hasbro Children's Hospital, Woonsocket Police Department, RI State Police and surrounding police departments statewide that partnered with me and Bucky trying to keep kids safer in vehicles. We held CPS Conferences in Landmark Medical Center main lobby with pediatric guest speakers and law enforcement representatives addressing kids and vehicle safety for years. Bucky Car Seats For Kids Campaign evolved from there, and since then, has been reaching out to families about the importance of properly restraining infants and kids in car seats, booster seats and seat belts while riding in vehicles. Car seats are often provided for free to low income families and single parents across the state at car seat check ups keeping kids safer in family vehicles. Bucky balloon appearances and take home CPS Coloring Posters and Fridge Magnets will be handed out to kids and families for free throughout the week, weather permitting. Bucky balloon showcase week ends on Sunday, September, 25th, 2022, at the 8th Annual imPossible Dream Charity Car Show at their playground location from 11-2pm. Raising funds to help maintain the playground designed for disabled children to enjoy for eight years. Free Bucky kids safety giveaways, trophies, classic vehicles, food trucks and live radio broadcast throughout the event. Warwick Police Department traffic, motorcycle and canine division officers support Bucky community safety outreach efforts and attend every year. Buckleupallofus charity car shows and events are extremely popular and grow every year reaching thousands of kids with take home child vehicle safety coloring formats, materials and products across New England and New York State. "Because We Care".

Buckleupallofus Bus Stop Kids Take To The Airwaves

Child safety is very important and there must be multiple avenues utilized in order to truly reach a very large kids and family audience with safety messages and consistent reminders. This online publication format is a great educational and awareness vehicle and offers kids and families an opportunity to learn about safety with coloring and activities content created specifically for children as well as feature articles that mirror those kids coloring cartoons on a weekly basis for parents and guardians. It also helps grade school teachers, school nurses, daycare staff, librarians, community center staff and educators, as well as pediatricians, family clinics, child safety advocates, police officers, state troopers, first responders and firefighters utilize this creative content for the safety and welfare of kids and students in their own communities. A brand new Buckleupallofus and Bus Stop Kids safety radio promo has hit the airwaves on multiple radio stations across the region produced in studio by Jim Weicherding and DiPonti Communications. These popular cartoon characters are finding their way onto many media and social networks platforms that help reach a lot of kids and adults. The new Bucky and Bus Stop Kids safety radio promos air non-stop and heard throughout the entire day and evening on Kent County's Classic Rock Radio Station FM l-105.5 at the twenty-minute break every hour unless it's a live broadcast time slot. You can also hear these same kids safety radio promos aired on WBLQ FM and AM radio stations throughout the day and evening as well as on their sister stations across the region. We also air live radio broadcasts and podcasts all weeklong at events and especially on weekends with our WBLQ Time Machine Oldies Radio Shows events from 10am until 7pm every Saturday. Bucky giant balloon and kids safety handouts are there to remind kids to Boost Up! Buckle Up! in backseats. We mention kids and family safety messages during all of those live radio broadcasts and podcasts on the radio airwaves. Live radio show events broadcasts and podcasts are heard and viewed nationwide and worldwide with listeners responses coming in from everywhere that enjoy the music and kids safety messages and reminders. NRI NOW is a proud sponsor of these kids safety radio promos.

Buckleupallofus Creator, Jim Weicherding, uses his writing skills and submits article/cartoon featuring his BUS STOP KIDS for 1,000’s of Family Readers Reducing Injuries & Deaths related to Bus Stops, Buses, Pedestrian & School Safety.

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National Child Passenger Safety Month

Written by Jim Weicherding / Every month of September, a focus on properly restrained children in vehicles is recognized during National Child Passenger Safety Week. This year’s focus week is from Sunday, September 18th thru Saturday, September 24th, 2022. Saturday, the 24th, is also National Car Seat Check Up Day. Many police departments team up with children’s hospitals across the USA each year during these focus weeks to help insure that little kids and infants are safely restrained in backseats. Car seat check ups are crucial when it comes to car seats and infants. Outdated, worn or used car seats, can put an infant in harm’s way if that vehicle is involved in a crash. Trained car seat installers, inspectors and specialists can check your car seat for safety relatively quickly and you will not be detained for a long period of time. It’s well worth the amount of time it takes to ensure that your child is safer. During the year, many police departments offer car seat check ups and you can visit your city, town and community police department website for more information. Buckleupallofus “Car Seats For Kids” Campaign is at its busiest during the month of September across New England with many showcases at area car shows, cruise nights, festivals, fairs, race tracks and police held community events. Funds raised, helps purchase car seats for low income families and single parents. Bucky has been invited to attend many of these police department community events during the month of September, and even during the month of October, when the region’s weather is much more accommodating for hosting outdoor events. Bucky is a more than ten foot tall child passenger safety mascot cartoon inflatable balloon character dinosaur with a seatbelt for a tail and a great big smile attracting kids and families to community events, race tracks and car shows with thousands of items such as, fridge magnets, stickers, coloring posters, safety and fun paks, full color posters to take home with them to help remind everyone in their family to boost up! and buckle up! for safety. This September, we even have Buckleupallofus Fridge Magnets handouts featuring the Motorhead Magazine logo for all of you automotive enthusiasts out there. If you are hosting car shows, cruise nights, race track events, community events and more outdoor venues in the future, there is now a Buckleupallofus E-Commerce WebSite where you can purchase Bucky Fridge Magnets for as low as just $2.99 each to pass out to kids attending your venues and events all year long. Motorhead Magazine is also a proud sponsor. Visit: www.buckleupallofus.us and order yours today! Everyone loves fridge magnets and now we can all keep kids safer at the same time when we put them on display in homes across America.

BUS STOP KIDS “Back to School”

Written by Jim Weicherding / It’s that time of year again folks. Kids are back in school for the new year. Many of these students take the school bus back and forth to school every week day and this can put them in harm’s way if they are not careful and those individuals driving near and around students and school buses in their vehicles are not careful. Many police officers I attend community events with this time of year talk about how dangerous some drivers are when it comes to kids walking to and from school buses that is borderline reckless. Many drivers pass school buses when their hazard lights are flashing putting not only bus monitors in harm’s way but also the students getting onto and off of the school bus while crossing the streets. Traveling in communities such as South County, Rhode Island, have safety hazards when drivers do not stop for flashing over head lights on school buses because they think if the bus is on the farside of the wider roadways it’s okay to just keep driving. That is not the case. Even though many roadways in the southern part of the state have four lane travel roads a driver approaching from the opposite direction or trying to pass on the left side of the school bus should still come to a complete stop when flashing lights are on. The students may be on the right side of the roadway entering the school buses but that doesn’t mean someone could try and cross that roadway to catch the bus before it pulls away. Bus monitors also walk across the front of the bus to the other side to check the area and under the school bus in order to make certain it is all clear and safe to drive away to the next bus stop. Patience is very important when children are out and about during the school year when it comes to driver and vehicle safety. Worried that you might be late for work, or an appointment? Leave earlier, allowing for school bus stop delays. Speed is another serious factor when it comes to bus stops, school buses and kids. Slow down. Pay attention. Keep your eyes on the road and observe traffic laws in order to keep yourself and others safer. A series of BUS STOP KIDS Coloring Cartoons are being distributed to grade school aged students across the region to help prevent unintentional injuries and potentially prevent a fatality during this school year in grade schools, libraries, daycares, family clinics, pediatric doctors offices and community centers. Kids will be kids and adults should be cautious when driving their vehicles near bus stops and school buses. Let’s try and keep everyone safer this school year by making good decisions and driving safely. A child’s life could depend on your actions.

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Buckleupallofus Kids Safety Products Available Online

Buckleupallofus Kids Safety Products Available Online is significantly one of the biggest moves forward for this Award-Winning, child passenger safety cartoon character for kids and vehicle safety. For many years, Bucky giant balloon has been showcasing at charity car shows and community events across New England and New York State reminding kids and families to boost up, buckle up and properly secure infants in rear-facing car seats installed in vehicle backseats. Thousands of Bucky child passenger safety coloring posters, fridge magnets, stickers, 4-page coloring books and full color posters have been passed out to kids at 100's of classic car and truck shows, cruise nights, race tracks and community events over the years but never had an online presence that enables police departments, classic car and truck clubs, libraries, daycares, community centers, family clinics and pediatric doctors offices with the opportunity to purchase Bucky products and items on a secured E-Commerce website with credit cards. It's obviously very difficult to be everywhere with the Bucky giant balloon and provide everyone with Bucky products and items in-person as handouts for the kids attending all of these car shows and events. The demand for Bucky has increased dramatically over the past five years, not only here in the New England and New York State areas, but on a national level as well. The two-and-a-half-year pandemic reduced demand for event appearances but the demand for merchandise and products continues to grow. The brand new website: www.BUCKLEUPALLOFUS.us is currently featuring Bucky full color, 3" x 4", high quality and durable fridge magnets as the product catalyst with more products and items to be introduced down the road. Bucky fridge magnets are fantastic handouts to kids attending car shows and community events across the USA throughout the year. Bucky's graphics and vehicle safety messages are also a great daily reminder displayed on family refrigerators for family members and friends. The family refrigerator doors are opened and closed throughout the day and evening seven days a week. What a great way to remind everyone to BUCKLEUPALLOFUS! This Sunday Feature has the Bucky Fridge Magnet graphics along with a cool Motorhead Cruisin' Bucky Coloring Cartoon for the kids to color in. There is even space for kids to write and color their very own Bucky safety tips. Car show season ends soon so enjoy these coloring cartoons while you can.

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Buckleupallofus is an Award-Winning, Child Passenger Safety Mascot Cartoon Character, now featured and available on quality, full-color, 3” x 4”, durable Fridge Magnets. These daily household safety reminders stay visible year round on Family Refrigerators. They are also perfect for holding up Kids Safety Coloring Posters Created by Award-Winning, Cartoonist and Artist, Jim Weicherding. He Created Buckleupallofus Coloring Posters that are displayed in homes and classrooms nationwide once they are colored-in by a child. We all know where kids and parents love to display kids coloring posters for the entire family to view and be reminded about safety. Family refrigerator doors are opened and closed throughout the day and evening in every home nationwide. It is the perfect way to convey safety messages to family and friends every single day. These vibrant and full-color Buckleupallofus Child Passenger Safety and Car Seats For Kids Campaign Fridge Magnets help raise Awareness. They are great handouts by Police Officers to Kids and Families attending Community Events in Cities, Towns and Communities Nationwide to show that they care about Kids and Child Passenger Safety. Vehicle Crashes are the number one causes of children’s  unintended injuries and fatalities across America each year. As a bonus: Every Purchase helps provide Car Seats for Low Income Families and Single Parents in the USA. Buckleupallofus (Car Seats For Kids Campaign) is a Successful, Award-Winning Community Outreach Effort now in its 23rd year across New England. We are expanding this effort to keep kids safer across America beginning in 2023. Jim has received numerous Awards, Honors, Certificates of Appreciation, Plaques, Achievements, Letters of Support and Citizen Service Medals from Law Enforcement, US Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Safe Kids USA, Safe Kids Worldwide, Hasbro Children’s Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital, CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics, AAA, Shriners Children’s Hospital, California Highway Patrol, State Police and more Nationwide, over the past twenty years for his Tireless Dedication, Charity Fundraising Efforts, Creative Kids Safety Cartoon Characters, Child Safety Campaigns and unsurpassed Artistic Capabilities trying to keep Kids and Families Safer.

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